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A Bit of Background

Hi my name is Ryder and I am 15 years old. A while back when I was in a 3rd grade science class, learning about climate change for the first time, I had an idea. While discovering the detrimental impacts of plastic waste on the environment I had thought of a way of how I, who was at the time only 8, could help with this issue. It was a simple idea but I really felt it would help. 


"If the problem is the amount of plastic going to waste, then why throw the plastic out?" That was the question I had asked myself and the plan was seamless. I would make a space where people could post photos of ways they re-used plastic that they were going to throw away otherwise. I thought how I could make it unique and interesting and moments later the website that you see in front of you came to fruition inside my thoughts. I would make a place where people would post three photos of each time they re-used a piece of plastic that they were going to throw away. That initial idea stuck with me until now, seven years later when I am finally making that thought become reality. On this website you can upload photos, compete for prizes, and even donate to a direct plastic elimination organization.  

Thank you for your support.

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Accept The Challenge

All you need to know…

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Why Take The Challenge?

This is your way of making change.

For me as a younger person,

trying to make change can seem very difficult. It feels like everything’s just a few years out of reach and all I can do is wait. For the most part, that is true: I can’t vote, I haven’t received a secondary education, and I really only have a fraction of the time most scientists or inventors have had on this earth. It’s not easy, especially when your someone like me who can’t imagine a time where our earth isn’t as beautiful as it is now. That’s why I made this resource, so anyone, any age, can challenge themselves to make this change. I made this so you don’t have to sit with that same feeling of hopelessness. This is your chance. Make that change. Be creative. Make something that you never even thought possible, then do it twice again. These actions may seem small, but every journey starts with that first step, and in order to see the change you want, you have to want to make the change. That starts with this. Try it, share it, and see how you do with others who took that first step just like you. 

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Questions or feedback?…

Get in touch with Ryder at use 3 reycle

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